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Agile Learning Resources for Water & Wastwater Operators

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Go to Water/wastewater practice exams (interactive)

Water/wastewater practice exams (interactive)

We’re proud to bring you our new interactive practice exams! More effective than a certification review class! Aligned to the expected range of knowledge, professionally developed, applicable to all states and regions, and with a video explanation for each question!

Go to Water and Wastewater Math Manuals (interactive)

Water and Wastewater Math Manuals (interactive)

Our new math manuals tackle basic to advance mathematics for water and wastewater operators; unique in the way they approach topics, building from simple to complex with real-life applications for each concept & video links that connect you with video lectures. Teachers editions and curriculum materials are available for instructors.

Go to Online and Classroom training

Online and Classroom training

Online modules are available for a variety of topics with more being added each day. Onsite classes can also be arranged. Please see the list of topics for which we provide instruction. Teachers editions and curriculum materials are available for instructors.

Go to Internal training programs & Consultation

Internal training programs & Consultation

We can develop effective learning resources and provide consultation for your internal training program. We can also provide technical assistance with, compliance issues, grants & loans, managerial and technical issues.


what is 100 percent quality training?

Consider these 4 points
Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn - B. Franklin

Quality materials provide value to students long after the class is completed. At GREPA we create interactive materials that function like a review class.

Multiple means of presentation means more student involvement, and less time being inundated with lecture and power point.

When course design is based on learning theory and best educational practices you will experience a seamless learning experience that allows you to focus on the content.

The use of valid assessment techniques results in accurate measurement of how you have mastered the material. At GREPA we are experts in creating assessments and practice tests that verify your learning experience.

Directors of GREPA

Gregory Pearson

Education Manager
Experienced trainer, educator, and curriculum developer with experience as a utility manager and water/wastewater operator.

Patresha Pearson

Organization Director
Experienced educator, writer, and curriculum developer with a masters in healthcare management.

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