March 16, 2018


D1-D2 Practice Exam

Distribution Grade 1 & 2 Practice Exam has been professionally developed and aligned with the ERK in all 50 US states; with solution key and worked out math problems; 128 questions. Purchase and download.  $39.99

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D3-D4 Practice Exam

Distribution Grade 3 & 4 exam contains 102 professionally developed questions with answer sheet and fully worked out math problems. This test is also appropriate for states with a grade 5 level distribution certificate. 39.99

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Water Math Made Easy

The Water Math Made Easy manual works as a self study guide, or can be used to teach a course in water math. Topics include math applicable to distribution and treatment operators grades 1 through 4. Arranged in a logical way from simple to more complex topics with lots of real world applications and amazing water facts. $39.99. Allow 5 -7 business days for delivery.

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The Benefits of Practice Tests

Cognitive research shows that practice tests are superior to other study methods in developing long term recall of facts, deepening knowledge of a subject and improving study effectiveness.

Watch this 8 minute video to learn about the scientific findings and how we apply this research in our work.

Water Treatment and Wastewater Practice Tests - coming soon!


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