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Practice Exam Package

Special Offer! Get all 4 Water Distribution & Treatment Practice Exams at a discount!

Get all 4 100- question water operator certification practice exams and save 50%. Each of these innovative practice exams consists of 100 original questions categorized by knowledge domain so that operators can identify areas of strengths. Can be taken online or printed out. With this special, you'll get a total of 400 practice questions and the following exams: Test 1: D1-D2; Test #2: D3-D4; Test #3: T1-T2 and Test #4: T3-T4. Now only $99.99 (Regular $119.96)

Water Math and Practice Exam Package

Water Math Made Easy Manual + One 100-Question Practice Exam of your choice

Become an expert at water math while you study for your exam. This package includes the 81 page "Water Math Made Easy" Manual and a 100-question practice exam of your choice. Math manual covers the full range of distribution and treatment math with operational applications. Practice exams include 100 original questions categorized by knowledge domain. A perfect resource for operator exam prep. Special: $49.99 (Reg: $59.98)

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