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D1 - D2 Practice Exam

100-Question practice exam in which test items have been grouped into categories according to expected knowledge domains. Category tests can be taken online to receive immediate feedback by knowledge domain. Question breakdown for this exam is: Regulations (14); Water Quality (13);Disinfection (15); Equipment & Operations (30); Admin, Mgmt & Safety (8);Water Math (20). Special: Now save 33% and purchase at $19.99 


D3 - D4 Practice Exam

100-Question practice exam in which test items have been grouped into categories according to expected knowledge domains. Category tests can be taken online to receive immediate feedback by knowledge domain. Question breakdown for this exam is: Water Quality & Regulations (19);Disinfection (12); Equipment & Operations (37);  Utility Management and Admin (12);Water Math (20). Special: Save 33% and purchase at $19.99 

T1-T2 Practice Exam

100 Question Practice Exam with test items categorized by expected knowledge domains. Online category tests provide operators with instant feedback. Question breakdown for this exam is: Regulations (13); Water quality (15); Equipment and operations (40); Disinfection (13); Safety and admin  (5); Water math (14). Special: Save 33% and purchase at $19.99

T3-T4 Water Treatment Exam

100 Question exam categorized by expected knowledge domain. Operators can take categorized tests online to receive immediate feedback. Question item categories are as follows: Regulations (12); Water quality (12), Equipment and operations(40); Disinfection (11); Management, safety and admin (10); Water math (15). Special: Save 33% and purchase at $19.99 

Choosing the Correct Test Grade Levels

How Tests are Categorized

The practice tests listed here are categorized starting with grade level 1 as entry level of operator certification, through grade level 4 as the most advanced operator certification level since this is the designation used by the majority of jurisdictions. These practice exams have been designed to meet the core Expected Range of Knowledge for all jurisdictions

Jurisdictions with other operator grading systems

If you are in a state or jurisdiction that uses a different designation for grade levels, you should use the grade 1-2 exam for the apprentice  to intermediate level and the grade 3-4 exam for intermediate to journeyman level.

Grade 1-2 Exams

Grade 1-2 exams provide a comprehensive overview of required operator knowledge and assess the core skills needed by apprentice to journeyman level operators.

Grade 3-4 Exams

The grade 3-4 exams have additional managerial level questions and feature higher level questions which require application and analysis levels of cognition and specialized industry knowledge

Grade 5 Operators

For jurisdictions which have a 5 grade levels with grade 5 being the highest level - grade 5 operators should choose the grade 3-4 exam. . If you have any questions about which exam you should purchase, simply contact us.

About the online categorized tests

Each practice exam includes categorized online tests; these are an effective and easy way for operators to assess their knowledge in each knowledge domain, such as disinfection, water quality, and math. The results of these tests can help operators by greatly enhancing the use of study time when preparing for a state licensing exam. To access the online exams, operators simply click on the provided link, choose their answers and submit to receive instant feedback. For each test, the full 100-question test form and answer key documents can be downloaded, saved and printed at will.

Test the waters!

Give the online testing environmental a try with a few free certification questions. We think you will appreciate how easy it is to take the online exams and the convenience of receiving instant feedback.

Exam Design Concepts

We designed these exams to be a cutting-edge resource for exam preparation study with the following principles in mind.

ERK Analysis

GREPA conducted an analysis of expected range of knowledge documents to ensure that practice tests would be valid across jurisdictions.

Category Tests

By dividing questions according to knowledge domain, operators can determine areas of strength and areas where they can focus their study when preparing for a state certification exam.

Item Design

Test items were created according to accepted standards of design for objective test questions and target the appropriate cognitive levels required of licensing exams.

How to use the exams for maximum benefit

The main purpose of these practice exams is to enhance the operator's exam preparation study. Therefore, we advocate that the operator use each question and knowledge area exam as an opportunity to survey their depth and range of knowledge in each subject area. This knowledge survey should be followed by taking notes, reading and study using an accepted industry manual or text book such as those provided by AWWA and CSUS.

Wastewater Treatment and Collections Practice Exams Coming Soon!

We are working on these now and they should be available soon. Much of the heavy lifting is done and now we are busy formatting and creating the online exam applications. If you would like to inquire about these exams, place a pre-order or need access to wastewater exam resources immediately just contact us at and we can provide a special package for you.