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"Water Math Made Easy" - The Interactive E-manual for Water Treatment & Distribution Math

The Interactive Water Math Made Easy manual uses an innovative instructional design that allows operators to learn sequentially and apply math in operational situations they are likely to encounter in the field.  This e-manual includes links to online quizzes, video and other useful information, making it a truly "interactive" experience for the learner. If you would like to use this material to teach a water math class a curriculum package can be made available that includes ppt slides, instructor guide, speaker notes and assessments.

  • Innovative instructional design
  • 81 page manual pdf that can be saved and printed
  • Online quizzes for each problem set that provide instant feedback
  • 11 video tutorials
  • Fully worked out solutions for all math problems
  • Tips and Amazing Math facts
  • Can be used by individuals or in a classroom setting

Purchase the Interactive E-Manual "Water Math Made Easy" Only $19.99